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I have worked with both product- and service-based businesses in a variety of industries, including:

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Writing & Graphic Design

Blog Posts

I wrote weekly blog posts for a Leadership Coach to build her brand authority & improve website SEO.

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Social Media Captions

I provided social media captions for Cacao By Dar, a company that sells Dark Chocolate Tea.

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Blog Posts & Captions

I wrote blog posts and repurposed the content to be used across various social media platforms.

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Social Media Content

I provided graphics & captions for an accounting firm designed to target business owners and book discovery calls with prospective clients.

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Email Newsletters

I write weekly email newsletters for a business mentor for freelancers, with a growing list of 600+ Mailchimp subscribers.

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Website Copy

I was engaged to write compelling web content for an IT consulting firm, with the objective of getting visitors to schedule a free consultation.

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Social Media Strategy


My role is to create a social media strategy to help my clients reach their target audience, grow brand awareness, drive traffic to their website, and ultimately increase revenue. This includes an evaluation of the optimal platforms to use and various types of content to include in their marketing, as well as creating a content calendar for their social media strategy.


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Children's Book Launch

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Human Resources Consultant

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Marketing Campaigns

Viral Video Campaign


  • Gain 200 followers on Instagram in the month of July
  • Establish brand presence & build audience on Instagram
  • Increase engagement with target audience of accounting students & those new in their accounting career

Action: Posted a video to Instagram Reels of the client providing their advice to a commonly asked question


  • The video went viral, amassing over 1.2 million views
  • Grew audience by over 1,000 followers, exceeding monthly goal by 400%
  • Increased brand awareness translated into greater website traffic & podcast downloads

Viral TikTok Campaign


  • Establish brand presence & build audience on new TikTok account
  • Increase engagement with target audience of millenials feeling stuck in their career

Action: Created an on-trend TikTok video asking audience to "tell me the moment you realized your workplace was toxic"


  • The video quickly went viral, amassing over 420,000 views, 41,000 likes, 5,200 comments & 5,600 shares
  • Grew audience from under 200 followers to over 3,000 followers in less than 2 weeks
  • Increased brand awareness translated into website traffic, podcast downloads, client applications and sales
  • Received publicity in various online news sources



Featured In:

Featured In:

LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaign

Industry: Career Coaching for Accountants

Objective: Use LinkedIn marketing & social outreach to book 2 discovery calls per week with prospective clients


  • Optimized LinkedIn profile to attract target audience
  • Created outreach strategy that included message templates for sending connection requests, booking calls & follow-up
  • Executed weekly outreach campaign to engage with audience & book discovery calls

Results: Exceeded campaign goal by scheduling 22 discovery calls over a period of 8 weeks, an average of 2.75 calls per week.

Email Opt-In Campaign

Objective: Increase email subscribers by promoting free lead magnet on social media


  • Created a video that tailored current social media trend to my audience 
  • Posted video on TikTok & Instagram Reels, along with targeted hashtags to increase exposure

Results: Generated 76 email opt-ins within 48 hours, growing subscriber list by 52%

Email Automation Campaign

Industry: Business Coaching

Objective: Use email marketing to promote and sign 5 clients into new group coaching program.


  • Built automated sequence of 5 emails to nurture leads from free masterclass
  • Set up segmentation in Mailchimp to ensure we were targeting warm leads and increase our conversion rate
  • Sent out email sequence over the course of 2.5 weeks leading up to program launch

Results: Exceeded campaign goal by enrolling 8 clients into the program by launch date, and achieved an average email open rate of 56%.

Profile Optimization


My role is to optimize my clients' social media profiles with the objective of attracting their ideal clients. I focus on creating a clear & compelling bio, as well as including targeted keywords throughout their profile.

LinkedIn Profiles

Darlene Nacional

B4 & After Podcast

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Nathan Bussey

BuildPath | Contractor

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Sharon Hepburn


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Ad Agency

Ecommerce Ads

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Elizabeth Dias

Business Coach

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Jason Davies

Pool Envy

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