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The Client

Litus Music is a Miami-based talent agency specializing in curated live music entertainment for corporate and social events.

The Brief

I was contracted by Litus Music to develop a LinkedIn marketing strategy to generate B2B leads for their business. The goal was to generate 12-15 discovery calls per month directly from LinkedIn.

The Process:

Profile Optimization - We started with a thorough optimization of the Co-Founder Amy's LinkedIn profile to ensure her profile was complete and compelling to their target audience.

Outreach Strategy - We developed a series of messages to be used for B2B outreach on LinkedIn, designed to drive leads to book a discovery call with Amy's team.

Execution - Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, we outlined 4 different personas to represent various demographics of Litus's target audience. We then conducted filtered searches to identify qualified leads and begin our outreach strategy.

Refinement - We consistently reviewed the analytics to identify the messaging that was performing best for each persona and adjusted our strategy to maximize our results.

The Results

For the first two months, our primary focus was on refining our strategy to identify the right messaging sequence to meet our objectives. During this time, we generated 10 leads from LinkedIn who booked a discovery call with Amy's team. After refining our strategy, we generated 14 leads in the third month and continue to generate 2-4 qualified leads each week.

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