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HR Girlfriends is a global online community and membership supporting women in the field of Human Resources through consulting, events, personal and professional development resources, and networking opportunities.

The Brief

We were contracted by HR Girlfriends to develop a social media marketing strategy to help grow their community and generate more membership sales.

The Process:

Profile Audit + Optimization - We started with a thorough audit of their current social media profiles and content to identify what was performing well and where there were gaps in their marketing.

Marketing Strategy - We developed a comprehensive marketing strategy with the goal of growing their following and increasing engagement across all platforms, primarily LinkedIn.

Execution - We developed content to align with our marketing strategy and managed the deployment of all content across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Refinement - We consistently analyzed the effectiveness of our marketing strategy and made adjustments as necessary to maximize our results.

The Results

For over two years, we have managed the entire HR Girlfriends social presence across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. In this time, the brand has experienced over 100% ROI from their social media strategy.

More than doubled their social media presence from 65,000 followers to over 145,000 followers and growing consistently each month

Increased membership & digital product sales by 75% annually, adding $6,300/year in Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Increased website traffic from social media by 1500%

This growth has not only resulted in increased revenue, but has allowed the brand to expand partnership and affiliate opportunities due to their prominent social media presence in the HR space.

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Sanà Walker, Owner of HR Girlfriends

Before hiring Lindsay, I was on the struggle bus when it came to my social media presence. While I had a tech platform to schedule posts, I lacked a consistent strategy and it showed. Working with Lindsay for almost 2 years now has significantly increased my revenue as a result of the improvements in my social media presence, from the quality of the content to the consistency of the messaging, and overall engagement of my followers.

Content Samples

Have you joined the HR Girls Tribe on Heartbeat?

This is where all of our networking, resources, tools, and community are housed in one place.

❤️ Community, Q+A, and Chat - Discussions that cover the entire range of HR topics, plus the community connection we've become known for.

❤️ Knowledge Base + Resources* - Access the entire HR Girlfriends library in a single tab.

❤️ Learn + Network - Never miss another HR coffee chat or other events with easy one-click register.

❤️ Find your next connection - A searchable database with the most up-to-date information about your HR network so you can easily find your next mentor, mentee, coworkers, or boss.

❤️ Easy Networking* - The one-on-one Matchup function makes it easy to meet other HR Professionals who share similar interests or connections.

❤️ Ease to use + Access - Get the Heartbeat app on your desktop, iOS, or Android and connect on the go!

❤️ Privacy - Heartbeat doesn't retain member information from inside the community

*Member-exclusive benefit. While Heartbeat is open to all, some features are exclusive to HR Girlfriends members.

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We can't wait to see you inside!

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You can eliminate Child Care as a barrier for employees this summer with TOOTRiS!

There are so many reasons to add child care to your benefits package:

✅ Improve Employee Retention: Companies that offer Child Care Benefits see a 94% retention rate for employees who use the benefit.

✅ Increased Productivity: When employees have access to Child Care, they focus better, miss less work, and improve overall productivity by 63%.

✅ Improved Recruitment: 85% of employers report that providing Child Care options improved employee recruitment.

✅ State Incentives: Companies may be able to further leverage their Child Care Benefits by taking advantage of state/federal tax credits and incentives.

Don’t let your employees be distracted with care responsibilities!

Add THE benefit that will provide valuable ROI this summer and beyond.

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Being part of a community has been shown to have a profound impact on our mental well-being.

As humans, we naturally crave social connection and a sense of belonging.

Being part of an inclusive and supportive community can also provide resources to help you advance your personal or professional growth.

And that is exactly the type of community we strive to create here at HR Girlfriends.

Our membership is designed to provide the women of HR with the support and resources they need - both inside and outside of the workplace.

If you're not already a member, learn more about our member benefits at

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Inclusive leadership has shown to improve business results, including employee engagement, innovation, and profitability (just to name a few).

Join us in partnership with LifeLabs Learning for a mini-workshop on helping your managers model and amplify behaviors of inclusion.

You’ll also leave with an assessment of inclusion at your company, simple micro-inclusion habits you can use immediately, and tips for gaining leadership buy-in.

This workshop is FREE for HR Girlfriends members and only $25 for non-members, with SHRM and HRCI recertification credits available.

Save your spot today! >>

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