Do you dream of a life where you can set your own schedule, travel whenever you want, and never have to ask for permission to take a day off?

 Do you desire to make an impact on the world, and get paid to do work that lights up your soul & feels fulfilling?

 Do you constantly make a plan to start your business, but then never actually start it because the doubt & fear creep in?

 Are you scared you won't make enough money to support yourself?

 Do you feel like an imposter? You know, that voice that says "am I really good enough to do this?"

 Are you terrified of showing up online & being judged?

 Are you afraid of being pushy & annoying when you sell your offers?

 Are you worried you don't have enough time or energy to create a successful business?

 Do you struggle to go after what you want with confidence, because your friends & family don't understand or support your dream?

 Do you feel like there are already too many people doing what you want to do, so you won't be successful?

 Are you doing all the things - creating content, putting yourself out there, making offers - but still not seeing the results you want?

That's Me! I Want In!

In 2018, I quit my accounting job to go all in on my dream of starting an online coaching business.

Let me be perfectly clear: I had no idea how to start a business.

I knew nothing about marketing myself online.

The thought of selling & taking people's money made me want to die.

I was terrified of what people would think when I started posting online.

I felt entirely unqualified compared to all the other coaches out there.

I had no idea if I'd make any money.

I didn't know much, but I was committed to the life I wanted to create.

I wanted freedom. The freedom to set my own schedule, take time off whenever I want, and work from anywhere.

I wanted a sense of purpose. I wanted to do work that actually felt fulfilling. I wanted to feel like I was making a real impact on people's lives.

Today, I'm living the life I was dreaming about just over two years ago.

I've replaced my full-time salary with the income from my coaching business.

I set my own schedule, work from anywhere, and take time off without having to answer to anybody.

I feel like I'm truly making an impact on the world. My work absolutely lights me up.

I started with nothing but Google and a dream.

And let me tell you, this business wasn't built without any failures along the way.

The launches where no one signed up.

The sales calls that ended in a no... followed by another no... and another no.

The months when I made no money & debated giving up on this dream entirely.

But through it all, I knew that I was made for more than a 9-5 and I was committed to doing whatever it takes.

I got here by continually learning, growing, investing in myself, and most importantly surrounding myself with other women who were going to push me to my next level.

None of this came naturally to me. Which is why I'm so certain it'll work for you too.

Emma T.

For a long time I've had a dream of working for myself. I had no idea what it would look like, what I would do, who I wanted to work with, I just knew that the normal 9-5 corporate job was not for me.

After 6 weeks of working with Lindsay, I had finally figured out what kind of business I wanted to have and had nailed down my ideal client. She helped me find my niche and gave me some tools to use when the self doubt started creeping in. I'm very thankful for her coming into my life when she did!

Shelja G.

I started working with Lindsay because I had been feeling stuck in my accounting job for the past two years. I had fear of the unknown and self-doubt about my own ability to be an entrepreneur.

While working with Lindsay, I have quit my job and stepped into my aligned purpose as a life coach to start my own business and live life on my own terms.

Working with Lindsay gave me a renewed sense of purpose. I feel happier than I have felt in my whole life.

 Work through your fears around not making enough money, being judged on the internet, or not having a good enough product/service so you can feel confident showing up online & promoting your offers

 Learn where to focus your energy (and where to stop wasting time) if you're starting a side hustle or trying to take it full time

 Get crystal clear on the type of business you want to create, what problem you're solving & who you're here to serve

 Learn how to create, price, market & sell your offers online (without spending a dime on ads)

 Decide which social media platforms are best for your business & optimize your accounts so your ideal clients can easily find you

 Create content that will draw in your ideal clients/customers & have them ready to buy from you as soon as they find your page

 Sell your offers without feeling sleazy or like you're "taking people's money"

 Learn how to set yourself up financially to move from your corporate job to working for yourself

 Surround yourself with a group of like-minded women who understand you & support your dreams

 Create a business that aligns with the lifestyle you want, so you're not just creating another 9-5 for yourself


Monthly Live Training

Learn straight from Lindsay on topics like:

 How to market yourself & find clients using social media

 How to create & price your offers and sell them with confidence

 Overcoming self-doubt & imposter syndrome

 Ditching the fear of judgment & promoting yourself online

 Money Mindset: dropping the fear of not making enough money & charging what you're worth


Bonus Content

Immediate access to pre-recorded training videos from Lindsay and from guest coaches that will help you

 Discover your passions

 Set yourself up financially to quit your job

 Overcome the fear of being judged on the internet

and more


Bonus Content

Immediate access to pre-recorded training videos from Lindsay and from guest coaches that will help you

 Discover your passions

 Start freelancing on sites like Fiverr

 Set yourself up financially to quit your job

 Overcome the fear of being judged on the internet

and more




A toolkit full of resources to help you launch your business (and stretch your budget)

 Build systems for scheduling, processing payments & onboarding clients

 Set up & optimize your social media accounts

 Market yourself & find clients online

 Sell your offers with ease

Facebook Group

Get exclusive access to a community of like-minded women who are committed to creating a life of freedom doing work they love, and supporting each other along the way.


Facebook Group

Get exclusive access to a community of like-minded women who are committed to creating a life of freedom doing work they love and supporting each other along the way.


Access to Lindsay

Ask your questions inside the group & during the live trainings each month. Receive guidance directly from Lindsay, which is normally exclusive to her private clients.


VIP Membership

In addition to everything included in your Basic membership, VIP members also get a private coaching session with Lindsay each month.

This session is meant to help you accelerate the process of launching & growing your business.

Lindsay will help you dive deeper into the concepts discussed inside the group and the areas where you feel the most stuck, so you can break through to your next level.

VIP spots are limited.

Check Availability

MeMe M.

When I first reached out to Lindsay, I hated the job I worked in and was desperate to find something that would make me happy.

After a month of working with Lindsay, I noticed a big shift in how I thought and felt about things and realized I wasn’t holding onto those negative emotions I started with.

It has become so much easier to shift my mindset to something positive, and I am so grateful that Lindsay was able to help me with this.

She helped me figure out what I am ultimately passionate about and gave me the confidence to pursue it as my full time job. I feel like a completely different person now!

Maria G.

I had been trying for over a year to make my business successful, but it just wasn't working. I felt very stuck.

Within a couple of weeks of working with Lindsay, I was already making money online… And I was able to quit my job!

I felt like I didn't really know what I was getting into at first, but at the end I really saw all the results and more than I could even imagine. It felt very natural working with her, and it felt really productive.

If you're on the fence about it, don't be afraid to take that leap. It's worth the investment!


As soon as you join, you get access to:

 All Resources

 All Bonus Content

 Private Facebook Group

 Training Video #1: The 3 Things You Need To Start Making Money Online

 Training Video #2: All the Legal & Tax Things You Need to Know


This Month

Throughout the month, you can binge on all the bonus content & get support for all your business questions inside the Facebook group.

Each month, Lindsay will host a live training inside the group to answer your questions and teach on specific topics.


Next Month

Each month inside your membership, you'll unlock brand new content designed to help you launch your business, create your offers, build your brand, and overcome the fear & self-doubt so you can show up with confidence.

The longer you keep your membership, the more content you unlock!

This content is in addition to the live training you get every month.

You membership includes a monthly combined value of over $1,500+

And you're getting it all starting at just $47


The Sisterhood is your home base for your online business.

Get your questions answered. Find your tribe. Build your confidence. Learn how to create, price, market & sell your offers online.

Something you should know about me...

I don't really follow the rules when it comes to business.

I don’t post on social media every day. I don't send cold DMs. I've never run a Facebook ad.

I was told not to expect to get clients from my podcast before I had at least 1,000 downloads per episode. Most of my clients in the past year have come from my podcast, when it was averaging about 100 downloads per episode.

In fact, multiple people have applied to work with me immediately after finding my podcast. Like, the same day they found me.

I started my business with less than 200 followers, and signed 5 clients in my first month. I had my first $10k+ month with just 750 followers on Instagram.

In two years, I've built a pretty badass coaching business that allows me to work from my couch & connect with clients in multiple countries. And I did it all organically, by showing up authentically & sharing my message on social media.

I've become an expert at branding & marketing yourself online, in a way that draws in your ideal clients like a magnet. Ready to work with you the second they find your content.

Here's what I know for sure:

 You don't need a bigger following
 You don't need a website or fancy sales pages
 You don't need to be a natural businessperson or salesperson
 You don’t need to spend all your money on marketing funnels & Facebook ads
You don’t need to be working 24/7 & burning yourself out in order to create a successful business

I'm not here to help you create a business that feels like everyone else's. I'm here to help you create a business that aligns with you.

Fatou B.

I started working with Lindsay because I was feeling stuck in developing my coaching business.

For 12 months since I launched it, I had been hustling very hard and doing all the things but had (almost) nothing to show for it in my bank account.

I was super frustrated not to make any significant progress despite the numerous investments I had made in private or group coaching, courses, workshops and more.

After coaching and deep inner mindset work with Lindsay, I was able to clarify what I really wanted to do (and not do!) in my business, which led me to create my 12-week signature coaching program.

I became way more comfortable with the idea of selling high-ticket packages, and I sold my 12-week coaching program at the right price for the first time ever!

It might sound cliché, but I feel unstoppable now and I cannot thank Lindsay enough for supporting me in my journey. I highly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck in their careers or business.

Laura W.

Working with Lindsay has been one of the most pivotal decisions I've ever made in my life.

I love her coaching style because she allows me to actually think for myself. It's not a consultant type of relationship where she's telling me I need to do X, Y, Z.

She can help you with the practical, but truly getting your mind and your energy right is the most important thing you can do as an entrepreneur.

I got really good at shifting out of hard situations or times when I was lacking confidence and self-esteem.

Not only did I quit my job in the time that I worked with Lindsay, I have started my own coaching business!


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