This 5-part training bundle will help you ditch the self-doubt & fear so you can launch your online biz with confidence

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This 5-part training bundle will help you ditch the self-doubt & fear so you can launch your online biz with confidence

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Here's The Deal, Sis

The life of your dreams is fully available to you - but first you have to clear out the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

You know, that voice in your head that says things like...

"Now's not the right time"
"What are people gonna think?"
"Who are you to start a business?"
"You don't know enough to coach other people"
"There's no way you can make enough money doing that"
"There are so many coaches out there. Why would anyone work with you?"

Do you feel like you know you're made for more - that this is what you're meant to do - but then feel paralyzed with overthinking and keep holding yourself back from actually going for it?

That's because right now your ego is running the show. It's time to tap into your highest self and let her take over.

There's never been a better time to start your online business.

It's time to ditch the mental drama so you can launch your biz with confidence (and actually make money)


Meet Your Coach

Lindsay Hanson, Life Coach & Online Biz Mentor

In 2018, I quit my accounting job to go all in on my dream of starting an online coaching business. I had no idea how to make it happen, but I knew I was made for more & I was committed to creating a life of freedom doing work I love and serving others.

Today, I set my own schedule, work from home, and travel as often as I want without having to answer to anybody. I feel like I'm truly making an impact on the world. And I know that in 40 years I won't have to look back and wonder "what if?"

Now I've made it my mission to help other women overcome the self-doubt, fear of judgment & money struggles that hold them back from launching their biz & reaching the level of success they're truly capable of. You deserve a life & career you're obsessed with - so let's make it happen.

This Training Bundle is for you if...

✓ You feel like you don't belong in the corporate world. 
You hate the idea of being restricted by a 9-5 schedule, working for the weekends & chasing a paycheck

✓ You see all these coaches on Instagram setting their own schedule & traveling whenever they want, and wonder how the F they made it happen

✓ You know you can make your dream life happen, but you feel paralyzed with overthinking - is this completely stupid & unrealistic?

✓ You're scared you won't make enough money to support yourself - and can you really start a business in this economy?

✓ You're terrified to show up online (LIVE videos? Forget it!) and re-record videos 7 times in a row thinking of all the ways people might judge you

✓ You know you're made for more, but you're holding yourself back because you don't feel confident enough to actually go for it

Whether working for yourself is still a dream, you've started your side hustle, or you're full time in your biz but you're not seeing the results you want... this is for you!

The Breakdown

Day 1: Meet Your Inner Mean Girl

Learn how to separate your ego from your highest self & silence the voice that's keeping you from going after your dreams.

Day 2: Imposter ➜ Genuine Badass

Stop believing the lies that you're not good enough or don't have enough experience to launch your own business, and fully step into your badass-ery.

Day 3: Money Mindset Makeover

Discover the false money stories that are keeping you stuck, and how you can make even more money doing what you love.

Day 4: Selling With Confidence

Sales is service. Ditch the idea that selling means being annoying & pushy, and start promoting your services with confidence.

Day 5: Stop Giving A F*ck What Others Think

The whole point is to start living life on YOUR terms. You're not gonna let the opinions of your parents, friends & coworkers hold you back, are you?

BONUS: Money Mindset Bundle

Do you feel uncomfortable AF talking about money & feel like selling makes you sleazy & greedy?

This 3-part training bundle will help you identify your money blocks & ditch the scarcity mindset so you can start selling with confidence & actually making money in your biz.

This bundle includes a combined value of over $1,300

And you can get in now for just $1,000 $197

Watch for a sneak peek inside Drop The Mental Drama, Sis.

Here's some of the up-leveling you can expect from working with Lindsay...

How Laura went from feeling stuck in a job she hates to launching the business of her dreams 💫

How an abundance mindset brought Kelsey more money 💸 & changed her career trajectory.

Emma T.

“For a long time I've had a dream of working for myself. I had no idea what it would look like, what I would do, who I wanted to work with, I just knew that the normal 9-5 corporate job was not for me. After 6 weeks of working with Lindsay, I had finally figured out what kind of business I wanted to have and had nailed down my ideal client. She helped me find my niche and gave me some tools to use when the self doubt started creeping in. I'm very thankful for her coming into my life when she did!"

You know you're made for more, sis

It's time to step into your highest self & create the life & biz you truly desire.